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Social security

Social Security and the laws which support it were created to give assistance to people like you who cannot work due to illness or injury. Then why is it so difficult to gain access to these benefits? Unfortunately, the systems involve hoops you must jump through first.


Fortunately, there is a law firm with the knowledge of and experience with these systems. James W. Davis & Associates will explain to you the process of filing claims and appeals, in addition to filling out all necessary forms and meeting deadlines.

Receive the benefits you're entitled to by law

•  Social security disability insurance (SSDI) benefits

•  Supplemental security income (SSI) benefits

•  Disabled widow and widower’s benefits

•  Disabled adult child benefits

•  SSI child disability benefits

•  Social Security Administration dealings

Helping you navigate the social security system

Don't let a mistake on your application cost you hundreds or even thousands in benefits

FREE initial social security claims consultation


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